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La Cruna del Lago

La Cruna del lago

If you are looking for a suitable place for your courses, events and activities, our little paradise is the right place. It is the ideal place for group activities where you can also relax and organize excursions into nature. Thanks to the quiet of the place and the beauty of the structure, the Cruna del Lago is ideal for residential groups, having at its disposal a dedicated space equipped with every comfort and you can also take advantage of the overnight stay offered by the Agri B&B and the excellent cuisine of the Home Restaurant of the Cascina.


We have the opportunity to organize various types of events, including debates, seminars, holistic courses, sports, business meetings with Team Building and Coaching, recreational and educational activities for children, theme nights, tastings and cooking classes. The rooms also overlook the large garden of the Cascina favoring tranquility and relaxation and from where you can enjoy a splendid view of the park, the views of the village, the surrounding mountains and the castle of Angera overlooking Lake Maggiore.


Cascina al Campaccio is an ideal location for a business meeting, a convention, an evening with friends, a party, an anniversary, photo shoots, family days, business lunches with classrooms; special for your wedding and for every occasion, in exclusively use, to reunite and amaze in a suggestive and original context. We also organize themed events on request with buffets, entertainment and PleinAir activities with innovative and original proposals characterized by the warmth of the welcome and the smile of our employees.

Doppia Fenice (Double Phoenix)

Doppio Fenice is a training project with courses, seminars and workshops, a research place, an open space, for the development of subtle energies and new knowledge, oriented according to the philosophy of the balance of opposites towards two complementary and synergistic practices: the Plume and the Sword. The Pilume provides holistic and bioenergetic training courses such as Yoga and QiGong in a welcoming environment for the body and spirit for a state of global well-being in harmony with the nature that surrounds us. The Sword includes the practice of Martial Arts, Self Defense, Combat Training. Both practices lead to a state of rebalancing and well-being of body, mind and spirit, in harmony with the environment in which they are proposed, in the natural theater in which we find ourselves: La Cruna del Lago.

Form Action Group

Leading company in outdoor training, the Form Action Group based in Cascina al Campaccio has developed experiential learning as a training path, in an innovative and dynamic key, creating an ideal tool for team building activities or as support for meetings and events. congressional.

Global Action Group

The Global Training Project was born from the experience and contribution of the skills of the members of the FormActionGroup and constitutes an ideal training and development path for human resources. Developed in three areas of intervention: Team Building, Coaching and Well-being, it guarantees original and versatile working methods through wide-ranging, new and original outdoor training courses:


Relais Cascina Campaccio
Via Campaccio 1, Taino (VA) 21020