Country Club & Home Restaurant

Country Club

The Country Club of the Cascina in characteristic rustic building with a natural park, a pergola and an en pleinair grill offers an evocative landscape, a wide horizon that laps the distant Alps and the slow flow of Lake Maggiore. The hall La Mangiatoia of Country Club, the wine cellar, the kiosk and the shop of the taste, the cozy corner of the fireplace, the educational rooms and the possibility to access to the Cruna del Lago meeting center offer guests a service and opportunities unique and original. The different rooms available and the outdoor spaces are designed for the creation of small cultural, recreational and sporting events and engaging convivial gatherings

Home Restaurant

Cascina al Campaccio offers a cordial catering service, in the new and rediscovered concept of a restaurant house. Home Restaurant, with a small private kitchen, that offers typical products and dishes, genuine flavors, good wine and traditional recipes, where you will have a nice sensation of feeling at home and rediscover the simplicity and genuineness of those who have made their home the home of the others. The large living room with fireplace, the old stove, the stone sundial, the play of lights, spaces and colors, are the result of a skilful and careful planning and renovation by the owner, who was able to turn the clock back. of the clock in what he calls “the house in the woods of time”, in the enchanted heart of the Ticino Park, between the country paths and the scents of the garden, in a context of relaxation, tranquility, peace and harmony.

COOKING ROOM "the Fox and the Grape"

Cooking Room

The Kiosk la volpe e l’uva is a beautiful indoor and outdoor cooking space, with a bar corner and living area with large panoramic windows. The Kiosk could be rented by the AgriB&B guests, who want to have a good space with a well-equipped kitchen, dining room, grill area with benches and umbrellas in the dehor but, also from who needs a space for smart working or to share with other guests of the Relais.

Relais Cascina Campaccio
Via Campaccio 1, Taino (VA) 21020